Client Testimonials

"The consignment and downsizing services were great.  Saved us a lot of money and offset the move's costs.  They were fabulous!  We couldn't have done it without them."

                                                                                                       Betsy H

"In an overwhelming, stressful situation, your talented staff came in, took charge and got things done."
                                                       Barb K
"I live out of town.  When my father passed away, Lifestyle Simplified came in, moved, stored and shipped everything saving extra month's rent and relieved my family of a major burden.  Thank you! 
                                                       Lucia S
You and your crew did a magnificent job clearing out the house. Bravo!  I was in town briefly on Monday and was super-impressed. Scream it from the mountaintop. You guys are wonderful. 
                                                      Eric C